Samatec Products

EVO1 lifting platform

The strong one with rear-wheel drive


The Samatec EVO1 lifting platform and harvesting machine is our compact and economical harvesting platform. Its independent two-wheel drive system provides the traction of an expanded locked differential...

EVO2 lifting platform

EVO4 lifting platform

Right at home on steep inclines


The Samatec EVO4 lifting platform and harvesting machine has been specifically designed for steep terrain. The drive motors were developed in cooperation with renowned transmission manufacturers. As each of the...

EVO5 lifting platform

The large platform


The Samatec EVO5 lifting platform and harvesting machine has been developed and built specifically for the requirements of our customers from Belgium and the Netherlands.  The platform of the EVO5...

EVO6 lifting platform

The lifting platform for cherry growers


The Samatec EVO6 lifting platform and harvesting machine has been developed specifically for cherry orchards. It can reach a height of 3.25 m. With regard to drive, power swing suspension, and operation, the EVO6 is identical to the EVO4.

Evo Diesel


As a result of the great demand, we have expanded our tried and true EVO series and produced a model with DIESEL engine. This equipment is equipped with a water-cooled three cylinder engine from the British company Perkins. The sensor-regulated...


Forklift platform



The forklift platform has been developed to make it easier to thin apple trees by hand. It installs on the rear of forklifts in place of the forks. This allows two additional people to help with thinning a wider height...

Harvesting train Simple

Robust and ingenioust


The Simple harvesting carts were developed for harvesting apples from the lower to medium areas of the trees. For the higher areas, we recommend our Lifting Platforms. The harvest carts can be stored in the stackable crates built for this purpose, thus saving storage space and facilitating transport. The perfect tracking of our harvesting trains allows attaching any number of carts.

Impact anchor

The ideal anchoring system for any soil


The small, medium, and wide soil anchors are a perfect match for rocky, firm, and compacted soils. The extra wide soil anchor is suitable for sandy, loamy, and peat soils of any kind. Due to their large contact...