EVO4 lifting platform

Right at home on steep inclines 

The Samatec EVO4 lifting platform and harvesting machine has been specifically designed for steep terrain. The drive motors were developed in cooperation with renowned transmission manufacturers. As each of the four drive motors is separately controlled, wheel slip as it can occur with differential drives, is impossible. The different wheel speeds in curves will be balanced out and controlled by measuring the steering angle during the process.

Thanks to the generously sized design of the brushless synchronous motors/AC, this lifting platform has an enormous load capacity. In addition, each drive motor is equipped with an energy recovery system during downhill travel, as well as with a strong negative brake (automatic brake). This special drive technology in combination with the sturdy frame and the proven scissor lifting technology make it possible to work safely on steep terrain. 

The EVO4 comes in two configurations, with front-wheel steering or with all-wheel steering. Both configurations allow optimum drivability because the offset of the lifting platform has been minimized. Thus, the EVO4 can guarantee a high level of safety and stability on any terrain. The front-wheel steering system allows driving into the next driving lane, while the all-wheel steering makes it possible to negotiate the tightest turns.

The ultrasonic sensors for the automated driving system through tree rows can distinguish automatically between leaf and branch operation mode. The steering system will adjust to the speed and stop the EVO4 at the end of the tree row.

The advanced double power swing lock guarantees the highest level of safety and stability in any position.

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